Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coupon Codes!

I would say that most online stores use some form of coupon redemption by the use of codes. Just like a regular coupon you would give at a store, you use a coupon to get some kind of discount. When buying ANY product online, I would highly suggest to search for coupon codes for that specific website before purchasing. Here is a site that keeps track of a lot of coupon codes for most every online store worth mentioning. The site is called RetailMeNot. Just go there and search for the site you're buying from. A few weeks ago, I was able to find a 50% off coupon for something I was buying. That's a HUGE discount!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Tips for shopping safely online!

Well I'm back from Vegas. Had a great time. The drive sucks from north Cali, but its not too bad. Got some time to write a quick post before I need to take care of some other business.

Shopping online can be dangerous. There are certain things you need to know and practice before you start buying things online. I found this helpful article from CBS news that outlines some safe practices to keep you safe while shopping online.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Vegas pt 2

If you have never been to Vegas, you should go. I'm here taking classes about private money funding, so I'm not having all the fun I could be having. I just wanted to post to remind everyone to remeber to check Woot and Slickdeals EVERYDAY.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


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There is going to be a lack in posts until Monday. I'm headed to Vegas tomorrow to take a private money lending class. So between that and having a good time, I wont have time to make any updates.

Hope everyone has a good week and look forward to more posts from me next week!

Monday, September 20, 2010

For the computer builders!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Today I'm going to discuss some tactics I use when building a computer. Most computer parts I buy are bought online using Newegg. If you don't know what Newegg is, you need to check it out. Newegg doesn't ALWAYS have the lowest prices, but they are one of the most competitive websites and have a huge selection. They probably have the best customer service out of any site also. Any problems you have will get taken care of. Another thing about Newegg is they have super fast shipping. I cannot speak for people outside of California... but I live in North Cali and I will have an item 3 days after I order it.

Anyways, enough about Newegg, we all know that they are awesome! Let's talk about selection of computer parts. There are tons of computer part manufacturers and parts, how do you know which one is going to be best for you? The only way to answer that question is to do research. Now if you're trying to upgrade your computer, the only way to do that is to know the compatibility of the parts you're not switching out. The only way to do that is to know the parts you already have. So if you cannot identify whats in your computer, you need to do that first.

Now starting from scratch is easy, you build your computer around specific parts etc... But as far as determining which parts to buy, you should ALWAYS check charts that compare price and performance. One site I like to use is Tom's Hardware. The charts and articles on this site are very helpful most of the time in determining what I call the sweet spot(where price meets performance.)

There are other sites with graphs that compare hardware, I'm not going to list them all, but feel free to leave them in the comments if you know a good one.

There's a lot of research that needs to be done when building a computer if you want to find the sweet spot. I hope this helps you guys out a little if you plan on building or upgrade a computer.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Bad day.

I had planned on writing something today, but I woke up feeling under the weather. I'm going to spend a lot of time sleeping today. Still have a lot of work to take care of today unfortunately.

I just want to take this time to thank everyone who is following me and wish them a good weekend. Hopefully mine gets better.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ebay again.

Don't have much to talk about today. Have a busy day so I'm going to share 1 more thing about Ebay. This only affects people who have an Android phone.

As I said in the previous post, I use my phone to do my Ebay stuff. Well if you have an Android phone you should definitely take advantage of this free app that is better than Ebay's official app for the android.

Search the market for the application called "Pkt Auctions"

This is the application I use. I find it extremely helpful. The main feature I like is that it will set an alert for you when any auction you're watching is going to end.

If you check it out you will see everything it does. No need for me to list all the details.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So, I know a lot of people already know about Ebay, but I'm going to touch on a few things I think are important.

First I want to start out by addressing the people who think EVERYTHING on Ebay is used stuff. Well here's news for you, IT'S NOT! I know this isn't earth shattering news... but I still get the statement from time to time from people, "I don't want to buy that used!" when I tell them to find it on Ebay. There are tons of legitimate stores that sell NEW, never used, never opened items on Ebay. With that out of the way I'm going to discuss a few things I think are important about Ebay.

The trick to Ebay is being patient and sniping out the best deal you can. I know that the Buy It Now feature is a great thing to use, but you can generally get an item for cheaper if you just bid on it. For some people time is very important and they don't have a ton of it to invest in looking around on Ebay for a $5 discount on a $200 item, but for those of us who are bargain hunters, waiting for a great deal to come around can be nice. So if you don't need an item right away, scope out the auctions for a few days to weeks before buying it, see how much the price fluctuates, then when you have a good idea on how much you would like to spend on it, make your move.

As I said earlier, patience is key. If you really want to win an item, make sure you know when it is going to end. Set an alarm to remind you. Do not bid on that item when you first see it. I know putting your max bid on an item and forgetting about it is an awesome feature, but if you really want to get an item and you want it for cheap, wait till the last minute to bid. This is called sniping. I generally try and do my research as stated in the paragraph above, determine how much I want to pay. I will find an(or a few) auction then that ends at a time I will be able to be at a computer and bid on it. I use my phone for Ebay, so I just put it on my watch list and my phone has an application that tells me 15 minutes before an auction ends. I then wait till about 20 seconds are left and bid my maximum I wanted to pay bid. If you have a slow computer or connection, you may have to give yourself more time than 20 seconds. But the key is to have screen where you hit confirm payment and it puts the bid in ready to go. This takes practice and won't win you the item EVERY time, but when you do win it, you will get it cheaper than you expected.

That's all the tips I have on Ebay for now. I have been using Ebay for about 10 years now and most of my online purchases come from there. Hope you enjoyed!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WOOT! offers 1 product every day. This product either sells out or is replaced at midnight central time. This product is always a LOW LOW PRICE. I suggest checking this site every day! But get there early because good deals never last!

Woot has other extensions of their website. For example there is where they sell a different shirt every day. Be sure to go there and check it out for yourself!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Slick Deals!

Slick Deals is one of the best websites I have ever came across! If you do any online shopping at all you should check out Basically this site is a forum for people scouring the internet for crazy deals on products. The main page displays various really good deals that people have found. These aren't the only deals posted on Slick Deals. Use the search function to find more! This is definitely a site you want to check daily.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Save money shopping online with My Shopping Genie!

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